“Distilling is beautiful. It is a slow, philosophic, and silent occupation, which keeps you busy but gives you time to think…a little like riding a bike”.
                     Primo Levi The periodic Table (1975)

Geographe Distillery is located at the Old Coast Rd Brewery in Western Australia’s beautiful southwest region. Since establishment in 2008 we have been quietly perfecting the craft of producing premium quality spirits and liqueurs.


I arrived at distilling and in particular whisky making by accident, initially via winemaking and then brewing. I love beer (mmm…Beer!) and spend as much time brewing (and drinking) beer as making whisky. Often I find myself sampling a new brew and thinking…I wouldn’t mind chucking some of that in the still! Distilling has the effect of decreasing volume but increasing power! Having less of something often makes it more potent. The act of distilling allows the distiller to concentrate the original product and bring certain qualities into focus.

The real trick is to bring the good stuff into focus whilst removing the not so good stuff. Finally, if you’ve kept the right bits and not the wrong bits what you’re left with, after a few years spent resting in a ‘good’ cask, is whisky.          Mmm…Whisky!

Bellwether Single Malt Whisky - Release 4 (350ml)

This current bottling is Bellwether’s fourth release. The previous three releases totalling 520 half bottles, plus a very limited cask strength release of 40 bottles all sold very quickly.

Bellwether’s fourth release comprises 300 half bottles, is non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% alc. This whisky is a blend of two distinct single casks distilled in Aug 2013 and March 2014, both were matured in small French oak ex Tawny (Aust. Port) casks. The whisky displays a burnt orange/amber hue. Aromas of dark fruit, brown sugar, and a hint of peat smoke are evident. A drop or two of water opens up the whisky to reveal ripe fruit and some malt notes. The whiskies used in the blend were produced using medium peated (20ppm phenols) malted barley giving hints of peat smoke that are offset by sweet dark fruit flavours from the port cask. It finishes med/long with chocolate, dark fruit, smoke and oak tannins.

Distilled: Aug 2013 /March 2014
Bottled: April 2017
Malted Barley: Bairds medium peated Inverness Scotland
Casks: 54L French oak, first fill ex- Port, heavy char. Coopered in South Australia
Strength: Cask 69 -70%, Bottled @ 46% alc/vol
Filtation: Non-chill filtered
Quantity: 300 x 350ml bottles

BEACON GIN (350ml)

Beacon Gin falls into the Traditional London Dry category. It can be described as a classically ‘Juniper driven gin’ overlaid with subtle botanical and citrus influences, including local Harvey tangerine. Gin production is exacting and laborious…Firstly, the individual botanicals are carefully distilled. Each botanical spirit is then combined using a unique recipe and then finally this crude Gin is ‘married’ together during the ultimate distillation in our 800L gin still. This elegant Gin comes into its own when served in a classic Martini or mixed with your favourite tonic.

• Juniper
• Coriander
• Lemon
• Lime
• Tangerine
• Liquorice root
• Rosemary
• Star anise
• Cassia


Handpicked Harvey lemons are painstakingly zested (I’ve got the blisters to prove it) and then, before the fragrant oils evaporate the zest is drowned in pure ethanol and macerated for six weeks. At bottling, a solution of pure sugar and filtered rainwater is added diluting the liqueur to 27% alc/vol. During dilution the citrus oils come out of solution giving the Limoncello its rich lemon flavour, beautiful colour and unique cloudy appearance. Store in the fridge or even better, the freezer. Delicious poured neat over ice and sipped or mixed with soda water for a longer drink.


For enquires or more information, please contact:
Steve Ryan: 0417 930 848
Email: steve@geographedistillery.com.au

Note: In addition to the products available on this website, there are also several ‘cask direct’ spirits which are currently only available by the glass at the Old Coast Brewery located off Forestry Rd, Myalup (see map for directions).